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Entrepreneur Top 5 Inventions on Dragons Den

Top 5 Inventions on Dragons Den

One of my favourite TV shows is Dragons Den. It is very inspirational to watch start-ups  come up with ideas and take them to a whole new level through investment opportunities. I hope that by putting these top 5 Inventions that I have personally found to be the best ones in front of entrepreneurs and business people for ambition and hope that when you dream of something, it is possible to make it real!.

UNO Motorbike

A prototype invention from California, this guy really stunned the investors and everyone bought into the company with a total share amount of 20%.

Hungry House

After a few knock backs and critism there was a turn around which lead 2 investors (James and Duncan )to buy into their business. The demand of food ordering online and lack of competition made this a more enticing opportunity for the investors.


Theo loved the idea and bought into this at 40% ownership, a very smart move as he owns a chain stationary shops in the country. The concept was very unique and well presented. A graphic design portfolio concept which enables you to carry around presentations without having to crease your work.

Mark Champkins

Marks overall concept is to help kids. He has a lot of inventions and products that are already out there and generating income. Peter buys in 100,000 pounds at 40% because he like his ideas.

Household Gadgets

Toaster bag which sold 10 million, and turned over 1 million pounds and is already in Tesco and all the major retailers. A great buy by James at 200,000 pounds at 40%

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seo web service 16-06-2010, 14:59

If the inventors themselves haven't patented their ideas, then the NHS should do it for them, first paying all of these inventors a 'thank you' bounty, licence the devices for manufacture and sale globally, then apart from a small royalty to the inventor, use the funds to finance healthcare here…

seo indore 20-06-2010, 06:17

Great videos. Thanks for sharing it with us. These are really inspirational videos for all the startup founders.

Keep sharing.

Indore City 23-06-2010, 15:25

great videos,………… this kind of video always gives valuable information to the viewer. I always learn many things from this kind of video and I love seeing knowledgeable video…..

Shukla 29-06-2010, 16:07

I really appreciate your effort of helping startup founders.

I personally think, in startups, ideas and investment both matters equally.