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This is wayyyy better than Dropbox

and… very very affordable.

Now, lets compare.

Dropbox costs $499 for 500GB online storage.

How about I give you the same space+ great software

for just 9 bucks?

=>> CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING DEAL (that I got you)

You’ll be blown away like I am when I saw this.

BackupBeast is a new software that…

- It works on both Windows and Mac.

- Does hourly backup of all your files.

- Saves deleted files for up to 30 days (wow)

- Backup external hard-drives too.

– Web Portal to access all your files.

- One-Click Restore whenever you want.

- Mobile Apps to access your files on-the-go.

All this for just 9 bucks.

What more could anyone want?



Make Money Online with My Top Tier Business

I have been testing out a new platform which was launched by Matt Lloyd from My Top Tier Business and all I can say is WOW!

I am truly impressed with the sheer power this platform has I have never seen anything like it!

First of all this affiliate program gets you the biggest pay checks ever found in Internet Marketing history. One of my favourite marketers John Chow absolutely loves this platform and for good reason. Just this year alone he has made over $600,000 from 2 pay checks.

Here is one of his paychecks he received just a couple of weeks ago for $400,642 in Commissions:














Because I have been closely following this guy I have decided I will get pretty serious with this. Just in the last couple of days since signing up I already have over 48 affiliates join up under me and have made some serious commissions. I will be revealing those commission amounts in an upcoming post in the next couple of weeks.


Anyway the reason why I love this platform is for the sheer fact that it doesn’t rely on any physical product sales to make money, the commission is purely through digital purchases.

There are clear and precise step by step training videos on how to go from someone with zero experience to a 7 figure earner in months.

If you are trying to make 7 figures through affiliate marketing stop now, this is the best and only platform I have personally seen that I can give my 100% guarantee will make you serious money and fast.

Whats also unique is when you sign up you will have your very own business coach get on Skype and walk you through how to do everything, he won’t just text chat he will call you and give you the one on one support you need.

Whats also CRAZY is their Guarantee on their site says
“either this works and you make $1,000 within 30 days, or I’ll Paypal you $500″

Is that pretty good or what?

So what are you waiting for?

Sign Up With My Top Tier Business Here


When people join a premium membership of any kind
they get worried that they need to keep paying ongoing fees,

But here is the most important thing;

Once you see the results you can CANCEL, simple!

The whole reason why you have joined a membership
site of any kind is to reach your goal and achieve
financial freedom, right?

Quite frankly if you don’t see results with a membership
site within 60 days you should most definitely cancel.

I mean the whole reason why you got involved with
the internet game was so you can live the lifestyle you
deserve from working anywhere you want at any given
time and be with the people that are most important to you, right?

So, once a platform has served you well and you have reached
that goal, then you can move on in life and do those things
you originally set out to do.

Make Sense?

My point is, I recently had a customer who said they cancelled
their membership over at because we helped them
tremendously achieve their goals which was to RETIRE.

YES, retire, they literally said they have now been able to
retire since they had joined, how amazing is that!

See for yourself here:

These kind of emails are fantastic and makes us really
happy and is hence the reason why we continually
improve our platform.

After all our goal is to get you fast results quickly.

So to close this email off I will leave you with a nice tip for the day!

Be open, willing and know that whatever membership platform you
join is just part of your overall journey you are on and that one
thing will lead to the other.

The most important thing is being willing to take that risk and
start your journey, if you keep postponing it, you will keep
postponing your retirement and financial freedom.

NOTE: is undergoing beta on the new platform
we have created, so make sure you join using our 30 day free trial offer


Seven Figure Marketer

Create Professional SEO’d Videos using the Best Video Curation Software There is.

The time has come…

I just partnered up with Peter Drew to create the best
Video Marketing software there is on the planet!

Click Here To See What Raving Customers Are Saying

Video Curation Pro does the following:

– Allows you to specify a bunch of keywords and then it goes out to
find relevant content and create dozens of optimized
videos that rank high in search engines.

– VCP also has some cool features like automatically
creating “video tables of contents” to target extra keywords
and even geo-targeting if you want to rank for local phrases.

– Create 100’s of SEO’d videos quickly using sites
such Amazon or Affiliate site videos to cash in on.

– Generate quick slideshow with audio
using Pinterest, Instagram or your own.

– Plus, you can rapidly generate PDF reports for every video…
which is perfect if you decide you want to use the
software to make and rank videos youcharge offline businesses for.

– And a whole lot more…

We just launched to the market as of now,
and the few customers who got
access during beta have left their feedback on this!

Look at the DEMO on how this works

This is a 7 day launch special, make sure you get this quick before we raise the price!


Yes Evil Google is Watching Your Every Move…..

Keeping track of the news on SEO and traffic boosting strategies as we do, I’m happy to share with you today what is going to be on your list of ‘must have’ plugins.

Most SEO marketers have changed direction in the last two years. Moving away from a focus on black or even grey hat techniques, over to pure white hat.

White hat is of course, safer, less hassle and in most cases just requires some savvy thinking.

This lil beauty works on Social Sharing and Traffic Boosting by taking your site images and making them go VIRAL!

That’s all WHITE HAT!

You really have to see this super clean, cool, unique plugin in action to know what I mean when I say, you will WANT on your side (site) this Now!

Just drop it on your WordPress site, (as many as you own!! it’s a full developer license) and within minutes you’re site is gonna start attracting more visitor sharing and viral marketing opportunities!

The marketers behind this plugin are already well respected for their high end design and ongoing support.

Pulse products are a name to look out for!

I recommend the Pro version which is also full developer license, you get a bunch more features and right now, the price makes this a really easy buy!

Now go check it out and lets see your images start dancing!


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