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Link Building 5 Ways to Add Variation to Your Anchor Text

5 Ways to Add Variation to Your Anchor Text

Using Exact Match Anchor Text Won’t Help You Anymore! Find Out How You Can Diversify Your Anchor Text to Avoid Search Rank Penalties?

The era of ‘exact match’ anchor text is now over. Last few Google updates (including the very recent Penguin) have made it quite clear that you can’t steal your way to the top of search engines anymore by using repeatedly using the same keywords in your anchor text over and over again. Sites that over-optimize their anchor text are getting penalized one after another.

And you could be the next in line!

Before it’s really too late do anything, it’s important to modify your anchor text linking strategy quickly. After the Google’s Penguin update, adding variation to your anchor text has become more important than ever.

If you were not aware earlier, you should now be well-informed that there are various ways to diversify your anchor text, so that your site’s linking profile looks natural to major search engines like Google. Adding variety to your anchored text is the only way to avoid search rank penalties that could otherwise hit you for having tons of unnatural links pointing back to your domain.

Given below are five ways to diversify your anchor text.

#1. Synonyms
If you were using exact match anchor text to link to your site, it’s a good idea to use other words of similar meaning. For example, the keyword ‘internet marketing agency’ may have synonyms like ‘internet marketing company’ or ‘internet marketing firm’.

#2. Brand Name
Using the name of your brand in anchor text is also an excellent idea to diversify. It doesn’t only make your anchor text linking natural to search engines, but also helps you to unify your branding efforts.

#3. Partial Match Anchor Text
The best way to avoid the use of exact match anchor text is to put partial match keywords in your anchor text. For example, you can avoid the repetitive use of ‘link building software’ and apply partial matches like ‘the best software for building links’, ‘a link builder’s best software’, ‘get a software that builds links quickly’ etc. These practices make your links look natural.

#4. Plurals
It’s not a bad idea to also use plurals in your anchor text rather than focusing only on singular words. Instead of using an anchor text like ‘SEO agency’, you can use ‘one of the best SEO agencies’. Have you tried it yet?

#5. URL
There are many sites that use the name of the URL to link to a website or blog. Having your URLs as the anchor text is also a good practice to add variation to your linking profile.

Though variation or diversification of anchor text is extremely important in the current situation, there’s something even more important that you should pay close attention to. I’m talking about ‘link relevance’. No matter how many links point back to your domain, they will be advantageous only when the source site or page is relevant to your own niche.

It’s about time you had a closer look at your anchor text linking strategy and tweaked it to keep getting search ranking benefits. Once your site’s rankings are lost (due to a search rank penalty), it may take months to recover. Even worse, your site’s search ranking position may never get back to where it was!

Wake up before it’s too late. Please feel free to leave your comments.


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Grace Sevilly 12-05-2012, 05:52

With the latest Penguin algorithm, exact match anchor will do you more harm than good. I say, go for LSI and synonymous keywords nowadays because that will help you categorize your site properly for google to rank it

John Mak 12-05-2012, 23:55

Hi Daniel,

That’s a great post! I had that in mind these days. It is important to know what anchor text we use because that’s going to define our rankings at the end. Thanks for sharing!

Christopher Broomfield 15-05-2012, 09:04

Thanks for the tips but I just want to know, does the diversifying of keywords affect the keyword density?

Steve Hippel 16-05-2012, 11:31

Hi Daniel.
I agree that makes a lot of sense. It really always has done. Using a good mix of LSI (related keywords) you will find that they compliment each other and the main keyword.
Penguin has been a nightmare for some but at the same time it has helped a lot of people too. Google just chopped away a lot of dead wood. Unfortunately they took some innocent casualties too though.

Obaidul 18-05-2012, 10:39

Yes, anchor text variation is something that SEOs should now pay careful attention to. After Google launched its Penguin update, it’s become vital to make sure your anchor text linking looks natural to search engines if you don’t want your site to get penalized.

Thanks for these useful tips, Daniel!

Lianne 25-05-2012, 10:10

With the recent penguin update I needed some help with what different anchor texts I should be using and this has helped me with ideas thanks. Some websites I’ve come across have heavily used keyword anchors in their links and they do still rank highly though but with the high volume of links they have they can’t get noticed as much by google as smaller sites.

opulentus 04-06-2012, 12:58

in seo anchor text variation is very important thing thanks for your information with detailed explanation opulentus