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Advertising What’s Ad Retargeting and How Businesses Can Use it to Generate More Revenue?

What’s Ad Retargeting and How Businesses Can Use it to Generate More Revenue?

Retargeting or Remarketing: How It Helps You Deliver More Interesting and More Relevant Ads to the User

Today’s online marketing industry is abuzz with the word ‘retargeting’. But do you know what it is and how it actually works. Ad retargeting or ad remarketing is an innovative technology which helps online marketers display their ads to those people who have showed interest in their brands. Since the advent of the web or internet, advertising has been at the forefront of revenue generation strategies. However, it continues to evolve. And ad retargeting is one of those innovations that make advertisements suit the individual preferences of the user.

Now that you have a basic idea about what retargeting is, you should also be aware of what difference it can make to your business.

Key benefits of ad retargeting or ad remarketing include –

Increased brand awareness
High rate of conversion
Visitor retention
Compliment to other (primary) ad campaigns

Retargeting or remarketing was first introduced by Google. Today, advertisers (belonging to a wide range of industries) are garnering the advantages that retargeted ads bring. The technology can help businesses increase the rate of conversions on their websites and generate more revenue.

Ad Retargeting Explained
The core idea behind ads retargeting is displaying advertisements based on the behavior of users. Retargeted ads work well because they are not randomly selected as in case of usual banner ads. When you provide user specific ads, you are bound to increase conversion and sales.

Here’s how a retargeted ad campaign works –

#1. Add a line of code to your site.
#2. When a user enters your site, that code drops a cookie into their computer.
#3. Your ads (matched with user behavior) follow the user.

As soon as you place a single line of code on your site, it starts tracking the behavior of the user while they visit. The user behavior (interests or preferences) is, therefore, stored into the user’s computer. Now wherever that user goes, your ads (more interesting and more relevant) follow them. That means you can target consumers based on their interests around a specific product or range of products. When you are aware that a user is interested in a particular product, you can follow them up with highly targeted ads to increase business sales. That’s how ad retargeting or ad remarketing works.

Whether you want to increase the awareness of your brand, retain web users, reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment or increase the rate of conversion on your business site, a retargeting campaign is just the way to go.

Popular Ad Retargeting Networks
There are several ad networks that operate in this field of innovative advertising. If you want to get the most out this hypertargeting, you can use services provided by networks like ReTargeter, Criteo and Struq.

Retargeting campaigns actually enhance the experience of the web user. When the user behavior is already known, it’s easier to display ads that they are most likely to take action upon. That’s why, retargeting or remarketing happens to be a surefire way of increasing the clickthrough, rate of conversion and sales.

What’s your take on retargeting? Please share in comments.


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