Information 25 Most Famous Quotes From Online Marketing Heroes

25 Most Famous Quotes From Online Marketing Heroes

online marketing heroes Recently I had read the book Online Marketing Heroes and I must say it’s one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. It’s a book from the same company that published Blogging Heroes.

Michael Miller interviews each marketer and really goes into great detail on what works for them and what has made them successful today.

From marketers with shopping websites through to travel and online marketing businesses there’s really a great mix. Lee Odden and Jill Whalen had some great tips in their also.

So with this I was inspired to give you a taste of the book and to list some of the most famous quotes from them that were also said in the book:

“Focus on the user, build for the long view, and the money will come.”

Greg Hartnett, Best of the Web, Hotel Hotline

“E-commerce is an evolution. You Don’t have to get everything right immediately; you can learn from it.”

Lauren Freedom, the e-tailing group, inc.

“No matter how much you spend on it, a web site is invisible until somebody links to it”

Eric Ward, Link Marketing Consultant

“[If] you can get the PR people interacting with the search people, they will discover that there’s lots of things they can do together.”

Greg Jarboe,

“You need an information-rich web site and a web site that responds to [customer] needs, whatever they are.”

Joan Holman, Legacy Achievement Foundation

“Every year the marketing landscape changes, every year the customers become more demanding, every year they’re wanting more things. You have to always be sprinting to stay ahead of the competition.”

Jacob Hawkins,

“What we’re trying to do is make sure that we are providing the most flexibility and the most convenient ways for customers to shop, whether they start online and go in the store, or start in the store and go online.”

Mark Oldani, Circuit City

“People are passionate about brands, not necessarily because they’re getting some kind of buyoff. The best loyalty doesn’t necessarily come from loyalty programs.”

Jeffrey Glueck, Travelocity

“If you consider a personal character, then the experience you want to create is the story.”

Tamara Adlin, Adlin inc

“The bigger story here is that the fabric of the Net has changed; it’s a place for people to connect up around shared interests and then collaborate towards some sort of action.”

Steve Rubel,

“I think people are more informed because of the Internet than they were before.”

Jordon Gold,

“Do you ever want to sacrifice tone and feel for what you know the search engines are looking for on a page? That answer is no.”

Heather Lloyd-Martin, SuccessWorks

“It used to be that if you wanted sphisticated marketing tools, you had to be rich. That’s not the case on the Internet. Anyone can compete, just at different levels.”

Chris Baggott, Compendium Blogware

“[It's] a way to build up buzz in blogs, for people who want to get information out there to the blogosphere.”

Ed Shull, NetResults

“[The blog has] become a real conversation tool and forum to have a conversation with our customers.”

Brian Lusk, Southwest Airlines

“That’s where a lot of the benefit of social networks comes from; the ability to promoted information to communities of like minded individuals.”

Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing

“If you optimize it and it’s relevant for the keyword, it’s probably going to rank.”

Liana Evans, KeyRelevance

“You use Google to test everything and get the message right-and then you go to the other places.”

Perry Marshall, Marshall & Associates

“I think it comes back to Marketing 101. Who is your target audience? How are you trying to influence them?”

Kevin Lee,

“General search engines can’t solve everybody’s unique needs, so vertical search engines in shopping or local are critical to the landscape.”

Paul O’Brien

“More and more marketers are starting to realize that, in a lot of cases, this should be thir first buy. It’s easy to do it, it’s easy to measure results, it’s not that difficult to learn, and there’s a low barrier to entry.”

Ron Belanger, Yahoo Search Marketing

“What we want, in time, is to offer all advertisers a very advanced set of features but in a way that’s incredibly easy to use, so our system can help optimize advertisers’ performance without causing too much work.”

David Fischer, Google

“Our job is to facilitate our clients’ direct experience of their customers.”

Phil Terry, Creative Good

“Interactive and digital technology doesn’t necessarily do a lot of things new, but it does all things better, faster, more cost efficiently.”

Patrick Duparcq, Kellogg School of Management

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Jerro 26-11-2009, 11:26

This is a very good book, I have read it and really was impressed with the interviews. It was done very professionally. Alot more then just hi what do you do. The questions and answers truly give you amazing insight from true marketing professionals

Daniel Lew 26-11-2009, 11:30

Couldn't of said it better myself! Yes I agree for me personally that after reading it was amazing to understand what made them successful and their beliefs which got them where they are today. Overall it was one of the best books I have read!

Bethann Szabat 17-03-2010, 04:28

Hi, I found this blog post while was searching for brands related information on google and found it very good article, thanks for sharing

Bell Matacale 20-05-2010, 06:52

Hey, thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more.

Bilal Ahmad 10-01-2011, 20:08

Hmmm nice quotes. Thanks for sharing dan.

Pam Britton 28-11-2011, 06:39

These are great quotes from thoughtful entrepreneurs. Thanks, appreciated each one!